Two Sweet Flowers

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Two Sweet Flowers

Father and mother are like two sweet flowers in every home.

They give strength and courage to each to go forward.

Their care and concern for each family member is unforgettable.

All the time they pray for the welfare of all the children.


They are like two flowers of the family.

Basing on those two forces we look to the world and do our duty beautifully.

Returning home we forget our sorrows and anxieties serving them heartily.

They dispell all darkness and weakness from us and show us light and direction.


They are like two tranquilisers for each member of the family.

For them only we come to this world and work better and become fulfilled.

They drive out all  tensions,worries and anxieties by their presence.

We feel elevated by their sweet words of hope,which make sense.


Life is short and realising this we should serve them well.

They sacrifice their lives for the welfare of their children.

We should serve them well so that after they pass they will bless us from heaven.

We should give them all comfort and happiness so as to make our life brightened.


They are more experienced than us irrespective of our knowledge and education.

Some times their words and advice taste bitter.

But those have deeper meaning which makes our life sweeter.

We should obey their advice and go forward to achive always something better.


Their love for us is unconditional which shows their Divinity.

They are like two Divine beings and we should pray them with all sincerity.

We should work hard to be successful in our life.

This  will make them happy filling their minds with serenity.


They have made us like the clayman making pots from clay.

We can never forget them even if we are in a chaotic world and feel ourselves to be swayed.

All efforts should be given to keep them happy and contented through out their lives.

Then we will be blessed by the Divine and will see light.


With that light we can dispell all darkness from our path.

By serving them we will find flowers on our way.

The way though difficult will be simple.

With positive minds we will go forward and all goals will be achievable.


They work hard for us only to keep us happy.

In this world of delusion we should not forget their beauty.

We should do all works keeping them contented and happy.

They will be happy and we will be blessed keeping ourselves always clean and tidy.


By our love and affection they will live longer.

The love and affection which they have taught us we should give them so in return.

They are the two sweet flowers in our home.

Even if they will go their fragrance will never be gone.


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Two Sweet Flowers

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This article was published on 2010/11/29