Two Flowers Of Life

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Two Flowers Of Life

In life's utter dejection the warrior perceived two beautiful flowers above his head.

One flower is incessantly active but the other flower is merged in absolute serinity and calmness.

One flower is shaken by the worldly wind but the other flower is all the time still.

The other flower is his friend,philosopher and guide all the time.


He distinguished between the flowers.

He discovered that one was worldly flower and the other one was divine flower.

The worldly flower takes its fragrance from the divine flower.

Thus gaining all strength and courage it works incessantly.


Both within and outside of himself he felt the presence of those two beautiful flowers.

The incessantly active flower always rests upon the serene and the still flower.

When it takes the color of the serene flower he feels bright.

His mindset is changed and he views the world with a deeper insight.


The serene flower is his friend,philosopher and guide.

Inspite of all agiatations he feels calm and serene.

He faces all the situations and overcomes those with smiles.

He enjoys life beautifully and marches overcoming all tides.


He feels the presence of the divinity within.

There is perfect union between his self and the supreme self.

He mantains a great deal of co ordination with the supreme self.

Thus he views the two flowers in his mental eyes which merge in ecsatcy.


He also remains serene and tranquil and removes all miseries.

Looking to the serene and the still flower he derives all beauties.

He is not afraid of the temporary tigers in life.

He treats them as friendly tigers and trains them according to his will.


Mastering all the thought processes he surrenders to the divine will.

He forgets all agonies of the journey and always works beautifully.

The flowers always remain in perfect harmony and he does all works sincerely.

The life becomes beautiful and he feels to be always successful.


Amidst intense activity he merges in deep silence.

He masters all the qualities of the serene and the calm flower.

In his utter dejection and despairs he feels the touch of the still flower.

Thus he feels transformed and faces the world with renewed vigor.


In his sleep he feels the merger of the two flowers.

In absolute silence he sees the two flowers merging in to an unified whole.

Thus he becomes able to master all his work processes and there by achieves success.

When the two flowers merge the life becomes divine and he evolves beautifully.


By the worldly wind his flower is always shaken.

It becomes agitated and there by frieghtened.

It then constantly touches the serene and the still flower.

Thus he feels serinity,calmness and smoothness and works with all foresightedness.


He mantains perfect co ordination with the still flower.

At the time of taking decesions and facing life situations the serene flower helps him a lot.

Beautifully he plans to achieve success and fulfills his dreams and hopes.

He achieves all his cherished goals and objectives and lives successfully.


The fragrance of the flowers enlightens all the persons coming in contact with him.

Beautifully he transacts all his dealings.

He becomes a master of all the activities.

Thus beautifully he serves his family,organization and the society.


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Two Flowers Of Life

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This article was published on 2011/08/10