The Sweet Flower

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The Sweer Flower

The voice of the sweet flower is echoed through out the day.

The fragrance gives the traveller zeal and enthusiasm to work with freshness and endeavour.

In order to keep the flower fresh and smell it's fragrance he works perfectly and with all sincerity.

He does his duty smiling and making all his transactions enlivening.


The work,the thoughts and the transactions of the day contribute to the freshness of the flower.

The traveller is well aware of this and keeping in mind the beauty and fragrance of the flower he works silently.

He never wants to loose the beauty of the flower and he wants his flower to remain fresh till his death.

The flower is his treasure and strength since his childhood and  makes him forget the tiredness of the journey.


When night comes and the traveller goes to bed the flower in the silence of night slowly sprouts up.

The beautiful fragrance soaks all the thought process and he succumbs to sleep's slumber.

The dreams become sweet and enlivening and also become truer as the days pass.

The traveller becomes very happy,because he has the sweet flower with him,which is a great treasure.


The sweetness of the flower becomes so great that the traveller finds each day a success.

He thanks God for giving him such a sweet flower amidst the chaos and the conflicts of the world.

He feels the sweetness in all his thoughts,words and deeds and his duty become calmer and smoother.

Doing all the duties he returns with out murmur and works for the family and society.


The flower and the mind are inter dependent,if one becomes weak the other one is affected.

The traveller is well aware of this,so he tries to keep both the things in perfect order.

He prays the Lord to keep him always fresh to do his duty more vigorously every day and achive his dreams.

The flower is nurtured by nature,therefore he loves the nature.


Where ever he goes, he sees the flower with him and takes care of it with love and affection.

Let all the people of the world end all their conflicts and develop brotherlihood and love.

By that the combined fragrance of all the flowers will give the world a different mode..

There will always be peace,progress and prosperity giving all a lot of encouragement and hope.


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The Sweet Flower

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This article was published on 2010/10/03