The Best Flowers For Each Season

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Every season the leaves change on the trees, the temperature rises or falls and different varieties of flower bloom and are in ready supply. Spring isn't the only time of year when flowers bloom, but which flowers are the ones to look out for in Summer, Winter and Autumn?

Some of the most popular flowers are readily available at the hottest time of the year. Lilies thrive in the Summer heat, as they are hardy and still last for weeks as long as they are cared for properly. Sunflowers, roses and Australian natives are also perfect for this season as they reflect the vibrancy and excitement of the hotter months.

While the colours of winter blooms aren't as vibrant as the other seasons, their colours are still stunning. In many ways, the colours are very reflective of the season itself. The soft whites, creams, lilacs and pinks are easy to spot in a Winter bouquet and are often said to represent the snow, rain and skies of the Winter months. Lavender, paper daisies, carnations, snap dragons, and pansies are all pretty flowers that you can expect to find at the florist during Winter.

The burnt oranges, golden yellows and deep reds are truly reflective of the colours that are usually seen in the Autumn months. This is no different for Autumn flowers as well. Gerbera's, roses, lilies and chrysanthemum's are a popular choice, not only for their availability, but the stunning display of colours they can produce. Add leaves and grasses in browns and gold's to an arrangement to really get into the feel of Autumn.

After the delicate colours of Winter, a burst of vibrant and lively colour is always welcome. Spring is the most popular times of year for flowers to bloom in abundance. Walk any of the streets and it will become very clear of what season it currently is. Make the most of Spring by choosing flowers that are not as readily available in other seasons - Daffodils, tulips, irises, orchids, peony, birds of paradise and roses will always give a great pop of colour.

Some of the most well known flowers are readily available all year around, but may fluctuate in price, depending on whether they were brought in domestically or internationally. Regardless of the season, the beauty of flowers is that there is always a stunning array of blooms to choose from, whatever your preference or price point.

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The Best Flowers For Each Season

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This article was published on 2010/03/28