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If you are planning a silk flower creation but have only a vague idea about how to shape your arrangement, you might be interested in learning about some of the basic ways to arrange silk flowers. Florists and amateurs alike rely on these templates as they roll up their sleeves to create a silk flower vision that truly wows. Take a moment to absorb a little instruction and a lot of inspiration!

The Vertical Arrangement

This is a very common way to arrange silk flowers. You’ll often find it featured during church celebrations or as a grand centerpiece in a foyer. This looks is achieved by cutting the stems of your featured silk flower to about three times the height of your vase. Stick them in your vase using a chunk of flower foam. Then, add filler flowers and greenery all around them for volume.

The Horizontal Arrangement

Great for a tabletop and so easy to make. Start by filling a shallow container with narrow blocks of artificial flower foam, arrange greenery and sprays horizontally. Then, stick your featured flowers in the center using enough so blooms lean slightly over the edges of the container.

Oval Arrangement

Insert floral foam into a tabletop vase. Determine the height of the arrangement by first inserting tall line flowers. Then, fill in all the gaps with your large feature flower. Finally, add filler flowers around the edges to create volume.

Triangular Silk Flower Arrangement

Secure floral foam in a tabletop vase. Using leaves and line flowers, determine the height and width of your arrangement by placing them vertically and horizontally in the foam. Anchor your largest feature flower at the center of your arrangement, as well along the front edge to create depth. Add fillers to taste, while maintain the triangular shape.

With simple guidelines like these, you may find you’re able to throw together a flower arrangement in a jiff. Soon, you’ll discover that every surface in your home is decked out with beautiful blooms. This is the way it should be!

If you need help choosing an artificial flower, we suggest using voluptuous blooms as the focal flowers. These set the tone for a full arrangement. Blooming silk roses, silk hydrangeas, and artificial magnolias and peonies are perfect. Or, try artificial sunflowers, silk calla lilies or silk tropical flowers. And what about fillers? We recommend pairing larger flowers with mums, lilacs, daisies, and tulips. Just choose whatever you think complements the featured flower best. Don’t forget to add greenery before you call it a day! And remember, the right vase can make or break your entire design. Be sure to choose one that complements the type of flower your using, as well as the shape and height of your arrangement.

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Silk flower-Arrangement Guide

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This article was published on 2012/01/13