Should I send flowers?

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It can be tricky knowing when it's appropriate to send someone flowers. Here are five scenarios when it's a good idea.

1. When its someone you love's birthday

It can be difficult knowing what to buy someone for a birthday. But whether it is the love of a partner, a family member of a friend, why not show how much they mean to you by sending them a big bouquet of gorgeous flowers? It will make their day and they will remember it for a long time to come.

2. When someone is down in the dumps

Whether they're having problems in their working life, their romantic life of just live in general, people get down in the dumps for all kinds of reason. And when they do, they need cheering up. If you know someone in that situation, why not cheer them up by having a lovely arrangement of flowers send to their door? They'll be hard-pressed not to smile.

3. When someone close has died

Deaths in the family or in a family you know are obviously sad and difficult times. Whether you're sending flowers to a grieving spouse, a son or daughter, or for the funeral itself, it is a gesture that will be greatly appreciated and it will help to convey your sorrow for the loss. Likewise, if the person who died is particularly close, why not take flowers to their grave on a regular basis.

4. St. Valentine's Day

This is a much happier occasion and, while there may be a lot of cynicism about this so-called 'greetings card holiday', every girl in the land would love to receive flowers on the 14th of February. So, whether you're involved in a relationship, want to woo (that's right, 'woo') a lady in your life, or have a secret crush, send them flowers and make it a romantic day for someone special.

5. Just because you know they'll like them

Why does it have to be a special occasion? If there's someone you know who would love to receive some flowers from you, then why don't you send them some. If it's your girlfriend or wife, she'll be absolutely delighted to receive them and it can't hurt your popularity!

So, now you know when to send them, it's just a case of finding the right Newcastle florist to have them sent. If you need a little help finding them, why not use a Newcastle directory?

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Should I send flowers?

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This article was published on 2010/09/27
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