Shopping For French Living Room Accessories

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French country style decor is a popular way to decorate, these days. You can create a warm living space that bursts with old world charm. Finding the right French living room accessories may not be as hard as you think. Here are some tips that may give you some ideas.


Flowers are very important for this type of look. You do not have to buy fancy or elaborate vases, as simple vases will do. You can even place flowers in old jugs and put them on the coffee table. Some people like to use simple, clear vases, made from glass. Fresh flowers are best for the look of country charm. If you wish to use artificial flowers, make sure that they look real. Otherwise, you may not achieve that look of warmth and comfort.


Your old world furniture may need recovering, but do not worry, as quilts and old covers may work just fine. It is perfectly fine to have a very large and comfortable sofa that is covered with something in earth tones. There is no need for elaborate, with this look, as it also can be eclectic.

Consider covering couches or large chairs with a simple throw. It is fine to use material that is faded with time and wear. This will give a warm and relaxed look to the area.

Eclectic Design

Antique furniture will fit in well with some modern pieces. You do not have to shop and buy all new furniture for your look. If something does not look right, cover it. You might wish to place some large sofa pillows on the couch or sofa, too.


Lighting does not have to be elaborate. Candles work very well for an old world appearance. You might wish to have candelabras made from wrought iron and hang them on the wall. Lamps should be relatively small and simple. A good example for a lamp, is a simple straight base and a lampshade that is a single color.


Wicker is a nice touch for this look. You may wish to have a wicker candle holder, and do not forget wicker baskets. These baskets will look good almost anywhere.


When shopping for French living room accessories, think simple and comfortable. Flowers are very important, and make sure that the vases are simple. Covers and throws are perfect for covering that imperfect old couch or chair. Antique items that show their age are a welcome addition. For lighting, candles and simple lamps are good selections. Things like wicker are wrought iron will be perfect for your new decorating scheme.

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Shopping For French Living Room Accessories

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This article was published on 2011/03/29