Mothers Day Celebrations in Kenya and Kenyan flowers

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Kenyans celebrate their mother’s day on last Sunday of June every year. Since, Kenya is a paucity suffering state; people jump to every chance to ease themselves and to make money. Globalization has also advocate Kenyans to take on developed nation’s standards and fiestas. Since USA is at the top of the list, mother’s day is also one of them. Mother is the most vital female figure in our lives. She is the only one who is always ready to forgo everything to brighten up our future and to pull us out from the dreadfully gloomy periods of our life. Kenyan children understand these things quite well. Kenyan children not only respect and honor their mothers on this day but also, shower love on all of the mother figures around them.


Sometimes, Grandmothers receive more gifts and love than mother. This is because; they believe two mothers join to make a grandmother. Almost same is true for teachers, especially religious ones. Almost same is the case of big brothers. For children whose mothers are not alive, these are the big brothers and sisters who give up the comforts of their own lives for the sake of younger brothers and sisters. In case, mother is alive, big brothers and sisters still play very significant role in everyday life of the youngsters. They are like role models and basis of motivation plus “off the record” help and guidance. Kenyan kids also love to pay gratitude to the big bros and sis for their love and support.


There are no specific customs for the celebration of mother’s day in Kenya. It is celebrated the same way as in other countries. The day dawns with a surprise bed tea. After that is a luscious breakfast for the mother. Gifts and flowers are presented somewhere in between the two phases. Family goes out for lunch or dinner. In the evening, there is a general family gathering. Flowers play an important role in all celebrations.


Rose is regarded as mother’s day flower in Kenya.Many Kenyan mothers often receive their own cultured or sold flowers for mother’s day in Kenya. They try to make their day a financial success. Most of the children buy mother’s day flowers in Kenya for their mothers with the savings of their own sales. Almost all of the online flower stores offer same day mother’s day flowers delivery in Kenya. Flowers Delivery to Kenya is no more difficult now because of so many online florists which offer Kenya flowers delivery in every part of Kenya. The weak Kenyan flower industry tries best to make record sales of mother’s day flowers to Kenya. Global organizations also invest in Kenya to make the occasion a hit and to draw world’s attention in devising plans helpful for the financial strengthen of the country.


Mother’s day is celebrated on every last Sunday of June all over Kenya. Since Kenya is a poor country, the event has multifold importance. It only gives Kenyans opportunity to enjoy but also, making some money from the sale of mother’s day flowers and gifts. Weak economy of Kenya tries best to avail the opportunity and to provide best services on the day for the sake of happiness of Kenyans.


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Mothers Day Celebrations in Kenya and Kenyan flowers

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This article was published on 2011/03/31