How to Create Stunning Centerpieces

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For many brides, they want the flowers to do the talking on their special day. Just as many little girls dream of being a princess on their special day, so too does the need for lots of beautiful flowers come into play. Flowers are an integral part of a wedding day and while they should be beautiful, they need not break the bank. If you are looking to cut costs, you may want to consider doing your own flowers. Particularly when it comes to centerpieces. If you have the ability and the know how to create your own truly stunning versions then you can save money and truly get what you are looking for. So what's the key to stunning centerpieces that you can create on your own?

Check Out a Local Farmer's Market
If you have a local farmer's market or even floral supply store, then this can serve as a great resource for creating your very own centerpieces. You can shop around for ideas and find some of the most beautiful flowers at a discount. You will save a ton of money if you arrange them on your own rather than pay to have somebody do it for you, so going to the source directly and getting some great prices on the flowers will help a lot. There's not only the aspect of saving money but getting what you truly want and if you go directly to the source of where the flowers come from, you have a lot more flexibility.

Consider Something Simple and Elegant
Before you go out and decide upon an elaborate and equally expensive centerpiece, consider this-simple is often elegant! You can create some stunning centerpieces based on simple concepts that are carried out and executed well. Go for a single rose in a vibrant color contained within a gorgeous vase. Perhaps you are all about a certain kind of flower, create a centerpiece using that specific type and then build upon it with greenery or a beautiful vase or container. Simple can be truly elegant and you can build upon your theme or colors using a simple or single type of flower. Make it work for you to create something truly stunning based on simplicity.

Go with What is in Season
To save money and get something truly stunning, go with flowers that are in season. This can save you a bundle on your overall flower costs and allow you to find something that works well with your theme and your color scheme. Do the research online if you need some ideas of what types of flowers will be in season when you get married and then go to town finding the ones that suit you and your centerpiece needs the very best.

Look for Inspiration
If you are stumped or need a way to tie together your ideas or your colors in the most effective way possible, then look for inspiration. Look at other weddings, through photo albums from those you know or that your other vendors are working with, or even online. You may have the colors in mind but you need a bit of inspiration as to how you can make it all work into one stunning and memorable centerpiece. This can be just what you need in terms of the creation and it all starts with a little bit of inspiration that can come from any wide variety of sources.

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How to Create Stunning Centerpieces

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This article was published on 2010/03/27
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