Flower Arrangement 101

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One quality that a flower has, regardless of the specie, is its ability to add beauty to whatever it is with. This is the reason why most people who like to relieve themselves of stress turn to a hobby that involves these beautiful creations "" the art of flower arrangement.

As a flower arrangement hobbyist, any container is at your disposable. An old tea kettle, a leak-proof vase "" anything will do as long as it is of the right size for the flower that you have in mind. Keep in mind that certain flower species would require you to make use of floral foam saturated with water in order for it to last a longer time.

In cases wherein you are having a hard time having your flower stand up, you might want to check the height of your vase. A good rule of the thumb is that your vase should at least be half the size of your flower. You can also make use of a clear tape to build a grid around your flower. This would provide support for your flower allowing it to stand up.

It is also a good idea to keep in mind that, when arranging flowers in Indianapolis , never re-use a floral foam. Remember that foam that has already a lot of holes in it can cause your flower to wilt because of the air pockets that may be present when you insert your flower. The same goes for soaked floral foam. Wet foam that has already dried can be hard re-soak. The best way to handle this is to put the foam first in hot water.

In cases wherein you have cut your flowers in Indianapolis has too short, you can make use of pebbles or marbles to the bottom of the vase. Another way to handle this is to let the broken off flower head float on a bowl of water. The latter even makes for a great dining table centerpiece.

Lastly, when arranging flowers in Indianapolis has, make sure that you use flowers in different stages of development to produce a more dramatic look. Those that are still buds would look better placed on the top and edges of the arrangement.
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Flower Arrangement 101

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This article was published on 2010/10/14