Choosing The Right Flower

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All you have to do is Google printing flowers or embossing flowers, and it will be easy to see that this is a trend that is catching on in the floral industry, and has applications in many other industries as well. Printing on flower petals is a powerful tool that can be used by advertisers, promoters, and event planners, and it creates an emotional impact in practically every man, woman and child who sees it.

A company by the name of Speaking Roses has the technology and flower printing equipment to create a custom text, personalized message, a beautiful photo, or a classy logo without ending up with a cheap looking imitation. They hold patents for the best process available to print on both live and silk flowers. These gorgeous embossed flowers can be produced and marketed as gifts, advertisements, corporate incentives, greetings, personalized messages, or promotional items, and are sure to create a stir among friends, acquaintances, and future customers.

This process makes flowers unique as well as popular, and is perfect for this new age of personalization. No matter what the occasion Mothers Day, Valentines Day, special events, weddings, proms, special promotions, mass advertising campaigns, or just a special gift for the special someone, the
Speaking Roses process will give flowers the look of a personalized, custom, classy, unique gift or advertising tool that can compete with todays demand for one-of-a-kind items.

The flower printing process we have developed is easy enough for a child to do, and the flower printer equipment is of extremely high quality so as to be low maintenance and durable. It is capable of producing an embossed message or image on a flower petal that is extremely attractive, not shiny like some of the cheaper imitation printers, and not a sticker or decal, or plastic-looking.

Metallic ink is used and is permanently embossed right onto the flower petal itself, and the resulting image does not wear off. Printing flowers with this process yields a professional, classy, high-quality product.

The licenses to produce
Speaking Roses are available to entrepreneurs all over the world, and are already in over 30 countries. Speaking Roses have been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show, the Kentucky Derby, Miss America, and the Rose Bowl, and also in hundreds of publications worldwide like Forbes, Inc., the Wall Street Journal, and more. To be a part of this trend, contact a Speaking Roses representative today at

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Choosing The Right Flower

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This article was published on 2010/10/14