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Making decisions on floral arrangements can be overwhelming and tough. The bride has to decide the type of flowers to use, select the color combination and keep the decors elegant and unique within the given budget. To help you make your decision easily we have listed below some budget conscious guidelines that you could use when choosing your wedding flowers.

1. Choose the right colors

Flowers are available in an array of colors ranging from neutral blues to vibrant pinks. However, it is important that the colors you chose match your wedding theme and the venue. If the wedding venue is less elegant it is essential that you use vibrant colours for flowers to make the place look more colourful and eye catching.

2. Seasonal Flowers

Keep in mind that the flowers available in the particular season tend to be much lesser in price than off seasonal flowers. They are also much easier to find and could cut down your flower budget by a considerable amount.

3. Simple is elegant

The modern bride is in love with simple styles and being simple can in turn cut down the budget. Certain flowers are expensive no matter in which season you have the wedding. Talk to your florists to check what options you have within the given budget. For example beautifully rearranged lotus can be made to look so much like roses for a lesser price.

4. Blend flowers with other arrangements

Using floating candles and clay lamps are in the trend today. So are the use of fruits, vegetables, sweets and various leaves together with flowers. Use your imaginations for a low cost yet unique floral arrangement that could bring out the best on your special day.

5. Wedding venue

If the wedding venue is naturally beautiful you can always use fewer flowers and preserve its natural beauty. Always remember to blend the flower colours with the location when deciding the colour theme of the wedding.

6. Artificial flowers

If the budget is very tight go for artificial flowers which now-a-days look just as beautiful as natural flowers.

7. Color Palette

It's a free world and there are many colors to choose from. In the modern world many brides are not afraid to mix different colors to create vibrant color combinations. So why not go for a beautiful contrasting colour combination that matches the inner you?

8. Difference Everywhere

Some brides are even mixing the table centerpiece arrangements in a pattern. Some tables will have tall flower arrangements while others have short and simple arrangements etc. Mix it all and try out new things as long as what you are doing matches the couple's personality and the day. Who knows you may even be able to start a whole new trend in the wedding industry.

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Choosing Flowers

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This article was published on 2010/04/02
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